Team Spotlight: Jeremy Stewart

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Growing up in a family of masons, Jeremy learned early on the importance of both form and function. It’s no wonder he pursued a mix of interior design and architecture and now lends his talents at Curran Architecture as a project architect.

Whether it’s creating a conceptual idea or reworking an existing space, Jeremy enjoys tackling a wide variety of design challenges. Most of all, he loves working alongside clients to take their project from start to finish in a cost-effective way.

Want to get to know Jeremy better? We picked his brain to learn more about his background and his day-to-day work at Curran Architecture.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I usually take a big chunk of uninterrupted time in the afternoon for design and production. Usually, that means I’m at my desk working up a concept. But other times, I may be out visiting a construction site or meeting with existing or prospective clients.

My favorite task is conceptual design and delving into a client’s design tastes and goals. Unlike some, I do not consider myself to have specific design style. I enjoy listening to the clients, understanding what they want and adapting the project to them. Sometimes this is traditional design, sometimes it’s modern and sometimes industrial. What the client wants is what I deliver.

How do you find inspiration and stay fresh in your work?

Working through each client’s unique needs and space forces me to adapt and grow in new ways. Out-of-the-box projects get my creative juices flowing about space use, design, building codes, permitting, and other details.

Some architects niche down to doing mostly one kind of building type, but I’ve been fortunate to design a wide array of spaces such as residence renovations, apartment mixed-use buildings, showrooms, maker spaces, restaurants, retail, medical offices, design centers, and even historic renovations. The variety fuels my growth as an architect and helps me to be flexible in my creativity.

What industry trends have you noticed lately?

Co-working spaces have become more and more popular, and each one takes on a different design trend. Some are industrial chic with exposed building elements and a mixed use of metal and wood details, and others are modern tech with clean lines and finishes. Reusing and investing in existing aged or historic buildings is popular, often opting for the raw look of exposed structure and brick.

Clients are also choosing higher quality materials on new buildings and aren’t shying away from traditionally more expensive materials such as masonry. It’s a refreshing change, allowing more flexibility in the options we can provide.

What makes a project a success for you and the client?

Client happiness matters most, hands down. I don’t design for me; I do it for the clients and their particular needs for their business. It’s fun to celebrate with clients after project completion. We recently completed the relocation of the Buchanan Group’s headquarters by adaptively reusing a former factory building in the Riverside neighborhood. It was exciting to attend the company’s open house and see the employees, family, friends and neighbors come through and enjoy the space.  It’s rewarding not only to hand off a space to a client but to see the design come to life and start being utilized.

What do you love most about the office and team?

The flexibility here is excellent and allows us to adapt our work hours as long as a project gets done. And the team is genuinely a team! The different office personalities and dynamics blend so that everyone gets along. We lean into each other’s strengths. This gives clients the top-notch design and service while allowing the team to shine in their individual fortes.

To connect with Jeremy, call 317-288-0681 or email

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