Fresh To Order

Restaurant Design

The Fresh To Order restaurant chain boasts super fast made-to-order meals including salads, soups, paninis, long plates, and more. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Indiana’s first location opened this past spring in Fishers after Curran transformed an old, gutted cafe into a new, vibrant restaurant.

Curran was challenged to work within tight space constraints to design a compact yet functional kitchen with areas for a counter, food prep, and cleanup to augment workflow and avoid busy cooks from stepping on each other. Similarly, the dining room needed to hold the maximum amount of seating without feeling cramped and optimize traffic flow.

The design was inspired by Fresh To Order’s desire to provide healthy, made-from-scratch meals in a convenient setting. The well-lit space exudes freshness with the use of airy neutrals and earthy woods. Although the building housed a previous tenant, Fresh To Order feels like a brand new space.