Great Office Space Deserves Great Art

While Curran Architecture has long been known for its client-first approach to architecture, Shawn was looking for a way to extend the design beyond the walls and doors of a space—integrating art into the space as well.

I come from a fine arts background, and when I moved to Indianapolis in 2015 I was astounded at how vibrant and welcoming the arts community was. It’s lively and positive and reflects the energy and progress of this amazing city.

Cat Head Press studio, where artists work in many different mediums: painting, printmaking, sculpture, collage, and assemblage, with a wide range of subjects.

By utilizing our connections with this dynamic arts community, we aim to integrate art into our clients’ daily lives. While I could point to numerous studies about how beneficial art is in the workplace, there’s also the simple pleasure of surrounding yourself with beautiful meaningful objects that needs no explanation.

Studio of Kate Oberreich, a second-generation artist, Indianapolis-based painter and sketchbook keeper with a love of texture and symbolism.

Art curating is collaborative—never dictatorial. We’ll always begin by gathering an in-depth understanding of your tastes, branding, and budget for the project. We know art has a personal meaning to your staff, customers, and visitors, and our goal is to select pieces that “complete” the design of the space.  Whether that’s working one-on-one with a specific artist on a commissioned piece, or picking pieces from several artists that speak to you, we want the artwork to enhance your office and continue your story.

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