Hands-On with Habitat for Humanity


Last month, the Curran team traded in our pencils for paint brushes when we partnered with our local chapter of Habitat for Humanity for a day of service. We were excited to volunteer with Habitat because we love their mission: helping low-income buyers become first-time homeowners.

Through safe and affordable housing, Habitat for Humanity is breaking the cycle of poverty in the United States and beyond. To date, the organization has served more than 2 million people and built more than 500,000 homes. By putting roofs over these families’ heads, Habitat for Humanity provides a firm foundation for generations to come.

Since we typically spend our days designing structures at our desks, we enjoyed getting the chance to do some hands-on work. The project allowed us to participate in a different part of the construction process, and it also reminded us how much we have to be grateful for.





The homeowner pitched in, so we got to hear her story as we worked. Together, we painted the home’s exterior siding and trim—adding a fresh coat of color to the family’s fresh start.

It felt satisfying to see the fruits of our labors, but it felt even better to know we were making a real difference for our neighbors. We can’t wait to partner with Habitat again.

Interested in Habitat for Humanity’s mission? Support Habitat for Humanity of Northeast Indiana by shopping with your Kroger card or Amazon Smile account, learn about volunteer opportunities, or find your local chapter.

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