Brooks Running Company

Whitestown, Indiana

With over a century of experience, Brooks Running Company excels at developing top-quality athletic shoes, apparel, and accessories. Headquartered in Seattle, Brooks chose Whitestown for its North American distribution center. Consisting of two main spaces, the distribution area and offices, we were challenged to design a space for large conveyor systems and other heavy equipment, making safety a priority, and creating an attractive building. Additionally, we wanted to create great indoor spaces for warehouse workers with a company kitchen, large break area, and exercise room.

The office space included open work areas, small collaborative meeting spaces with benches, workstations for corporate guests, and a large conference and training room. Modern finishes, sleek lines and furniture, and light, airy walls gave the space a contemporary touch. Splashes of the iconic Brooks blue inside and out offset the neutral palette with pops of color. Overall, the Brooks project showcases our expertise in industrial distribution, and we were grateful to play a small part in bringing this company’s distribution center to life in Central Indiana.

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