Working Out the Details: The Process of Building the New Orangetheory

Orangetheory Fitness melds health and science together, creating expert workout plans for their customers. So when they came to us with the idea to design the space for their new Carmel location, we decided to meld some things together, too.

Fitness meets function

Working out is exactly that — work. So to truly create a space that would be motivational, and practical, we had to put ourselves in the mindset of Orangetheory’s members.

“Visibility and proximity of the participants with the instructor was an important consideration in the design,” says Curran Project Architect, Stefanie Lutz.

“Understanding the specific and unique fitness programs was also key to laying out the spaces effectively.”

In some ways, we had a head start to the process, as the look of the studio was already pre-determined to meet corporate standards. Once we understood the prerequisites of the project through client interviews, we gained a more intricate knowledge of what it was like to workout in an Orangetheory studio.

“We responded to the client’s [Orangetheory] specific needs based on their experiences at previous Orangetheory studios,” Lutz says. “The corporate office was helpful and seemed to be receptive to the specific needs of the site, as well.”

Overcoming obstacles

The Carmel location is nestled between adjacent spaces, one being a children’s learning center, which created a unique need for sound control.

“Noise reduction was key in the design of the demising walls that separated the spaces. Engaging an acoustical engineer was critical in creating a space that eliminated as much noise transmission as possible,” Lutz says.

Addressing this sensitive issue during pre-construction made the flow of the project continuous and easy on the ears for everyone.

A wonderful place to workout

Creating a comfortable space that people would want to spend 60 intense minutes in was the most important part of the Orangetheory project. Each area was designed just right to support the classes the studio offers.

“Configuring all the equipment around certain fixed spaces so that each participant had a sight line to the instructor was necessary,” Lutz says. “Adapting the design to the specific fitness needs of their unique fitness program was interesting.”

The new location not only fits in with its sister locations across the country, but also provides members with a setup ideal for their success.

“I enjoyed the client’s enthusiasm for the project and their business,” Lutz says. “I’ve spoken to some of their clients, and they love attending classes!”

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