Curran Turns 12

Imagine sitting at your desk, immersed in your work when all of a sudden you hear the pitter patter of what sounds like a dog. You think, “Of course that’s not a dog, this is an office.” But you look up, just to check, and see a Labrador retriever trot by. And not only is this pup stopping by for a visit, he’s bringing delicious cookies from Taylor’s Bakery.

Well, that’s exactly what happened to some of Curran’s clients. To show our appreciation for their business, and to celebrate our 12th anniversary, we teamed up with one of our favorite organizations, ICAN, to send a special thanks to the people who’ve made the last 12 years amazing.

“It was just wonderful to see,” said Joan Kahn, ICAN volunteer. “They [Curran’s clients] loved it. Everyone was surprised and had big smiles.”

The response was positive on our clients’ side as well.

“It was fabulous.  I have already shared the story and picture with several people outside our company,” said Chris Williams of Duke Realty. “I was impressed with the presentation and thought it was a great way for Curran to show appreciation and get their company talked about through such a worthy cause.”

Take a look at ICAN’s service dogs in training delivering the Curran-themed cookies to some of our clients:


We’re grateful to ICAN for making our anniversary even more special, and of course, our clients. We hope everyone enjoyed their visitors and sugar cookies. Here’s to the next 12 years!

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