A Modern Office for Coldwell Banker Shook

After 21 years of business in their early-1900s building, Coldwell Banker Shook decided it was time to give the office a new, updated look with the help of Curran. The new plan allowed for more comfort and collaboration while giving a more timeless look to the space.

“The driver for design was to simply upgrade the finishes of an aging space with some neutral colors and tones, allowing the furniture and art to be the color accents. All of the flooring and paint choices were to be classic such that the space would not be seen as trending and thus becoming dated too soon,” said Project Manager Michael Long.

When choosing new workstations and lobby furnishings, Curran partnered with Bob Koehne of Kentwood Office Furniture to give the Shook office a more modern and edgy look. We also helped Shook achieve a crisp, clean feel by updating carpeting and adding a bright peacock blue motif that tied  it all together.

“The process we went through was probably very typical, but it was hard, because what we wanted was way above our budget,” said President Charles Shook. “So Curran helped us organize our priorities and reengineer our ideas to make something that made sense.”

Now complete, the Shook office is a great demonstration of how thoughtful design and strategic vendor selection can allow a company to update their office without completely reconstructing it.

“They did everything within the budget they projected,” added Shook. “If we had to do it again, we’d work with Curran.”

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