A New Look for Schmoll Industrial Park

schmoll curran 06-13 high res-4598

For more than three generations, the Schmoll family have owned and operated real estate in Indianapolis, including the Schmoll Industrial Park in Northeast Indy. Home to an eclectic mix of businesses ranging from metalworking to microbrewing, the fifty-year-old Schmoll Industrial Park needed an updated facade. Curran worked with the Schmoll family to design a new look that would reflect the park’s unique personality, bring uniformity to a diverse space, and attract a broad range of tenants.

We gave the space a contemporary, urban look with corrugated steel siding and fiber cement rain screen panels. Traditional elements, such as the existing brick veneer on one of the buildings, were incorporated into the new facade and painted with a 21st-century twist. Uniform signage and new landscaping across the park also help to create a clean and cohesive feel for Schmoll’s varied tenants and businesses.

Three buildings were completed in the first phase of renovations, and we look forward to continuing our work with the Schmoll family on the next round of buildings.

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