Puppy Love Is in the Air

If you know Curran, you know we have a soft spot for animals. That’s why we’re thrilled to partner with the Indiana Canine Assistance Network again this year to play a small part in their Puppy Love campaign.

Proceeds from Puppy Love go towards ICAN’s two-part mission, which uses dogs’ unconditional love to help rehabilitate inmates and serve people with disabilities. Puppies destined to become service dogs receive training from inmates who, in turn, are given the opportunity to practice care, patience, and responsibility.

At the moment, Dino Sierp, ICAN’s Director of Development and Outreach, is knee-deep in details as she prepares for next week’s big Puppy Love Valentine’s Day event. That means baking hundreds of treats, organizing schedules with drivers and handlers, and coordinating sewing projects with inmates—all of which will end up in gift boxes and delivered to loved ones by an ICAN service dog-in-training.

“The support we raise through Puppy Love will help us place more dogs,” says Dino. “We place about twenty dogs per year in homes with people who have disabilities, and our goal is to double that.”

The cost of a service dog can be prohibitive for people with disabilities who more than likely have a limited income. Raising and training costs over $26,000 and placement in a home can be anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000. But thanks to ICAN’s donors and volunteers, dogs can go home with the people who need them for just $1,600.

Curran is proud to be an ICAN sponsor and to continue our relationship with such an outstanding organization. If you’re interested in supporting ICAN’s mission, we encourage you to place a Puppy Love order for Valentine’s Day or any occasion year-round and learn more about ICAN.

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