A Unique Facility for Unique Treatments

Weas Engineering, founded in 1980, provides water management and treatment services for boilers, cooling, reverse osmosis, and wastewater systems. It’s technical stuff; they blend various treatment products for each unique facility so its water management systems operate at peak performance. So recently, Weas Engineering and their Owner’s Representive, Bob Dugger came to us asking us for a unique facility of their own.

We’ve designed the building to include a two-story office space as well as a warehouse for storage and production. The office space will house a laboratory, training facilities, a general office area, and a shop and showroom. Weas asked us specifically to design the warehouse to higher safety and environmental standards than are required for their industry to accommodate the future of their business. Additionally, Weas is looking into methods to use excess water from their processing to irrigate their landscaping.

Construction is expected to begin this summer and the facility will be operational by the end of the year.


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