United States Auto Club

Speedway, Indiana

As the governing body for Silver Crown, Sprint, Midget and several other racing series, the United States Auto Club (USAC) has been serving the racing community for decades. USAC’s headquarters are stationed on the corner of 16th and Main Street, right next to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. They were seeking a fresh, transformed look for their HQ, including more natural light and open space for events.

The office being two distinct buildings presented an exciting challenge. We maximized the existing structures by enlarging the connecting area for an open feel and added new functionality with central bathrooms and an elevator between the buildings. We also reskinned the facade to give the appearance of one building with a design that compliments the character of the other buildings on Speedway’s Main Street. USAC also wanted a natural, raw look, so we used materials like concrete, exposed steel, and hardwood throughout.

The new HQ now lives up to the spirited and historic USAC legacy and stands proudly in the up-and-coming downtown Speedway area.

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